ESOGÜ Electrıcal-Electronics Engineering Department

Recommended Groups for Senior Year Technical Elective Courses


Minimum 19-credit course work is required.  Please select an area for the courses.


Electronics Area:

Core courses: Semiconductor Devices, Introduction to Power Electronics, Communication Electronics, Communication Electronics Lab.,

Electives:   Power Electronic Applications, PLC, VHDL, Microcontrollers, Microcontrollers Lab., Power Electronics Lab.


Control Area:

Core courses: Linear Control Systems, Digital Control Systems, Linear Control Systems Lab, Digital Control Systems Lab, Nonlinear Control.

Electives: Introduction to Power Electronics, Power Electronic Applications, PLC, Microcontrollers, Electrical Machinery.


Power Area:

Core courses: High Voltage Techniques, Power System Analysis I, Electrical Machinery,

Electives:  Electives Power System Analysis II, Introduction to Power Electronics, Power Electronic Applications, Power Systems Protection, Illumination and Electrical Installation, Electric Machinery Lab., Power Electronics Lab.


Computers Area:

Core courses: Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Microprocessors, Microprocessors Lab., Computer Programming II,

Electives: Fuzzy Logic. Microcontrollers, Microcontrollers Lab. VHDL, PLC, Network Applications, Object Oriented Programming.


Communications Area: 

Core courses: Digital Communications, Communication Electronics, Communication Electronics Lab., Digital Communications Lab., Digital Signal Processing.

Electives: VHDL, Image Processing, DSP System Design, Microwave Devices and Antennas, Introduction to Signal Classification.



Digital Signal Processing is obligatory for students who started the first year courses between 2006 and 2009. Required Technical electives credit is 19.


Updated: May 5, 2010